Safeguarding Check and Challenge Toolkit

Young People at Taekwondo South Club in Southampton
16th January 2018
Written by
Energise Me

Implementing safeguarding policies and procedures can be tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Our Check and Challenge Toolkit will help tackle safeguarding head on.

The toolkit was developed and piloted in 2017. We ran workshops in Portsmouth, Farnborough, Winchester and Totton. We opened the doors to anyone with an interest in keeping young people and adults at risk safe. Those workshops sparked conversations about safeguarding challenges and the areas where support was most needed.

The toolkit builds on conversations that took place during and after those workshops. It pulls together key information, contacts and guidance notes to make it easier for clubs and facility providers to make sessions safe and enjoyable for all involved.

We want young people to have a great time and feel safe and supported when taking part in sport and physical activity. We hope this toolkit will help you achieve that and encourage young people to build active habits for life.


Photograph courtesy of Sport England image library: Taekwondo with British Taekwondo South club in Southampton, Hampshire. 8 March 2013. Photo by Adam Gasson /

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