Researchers required for Sport England-funded LGBT+ workforce initiative

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18th June 2019
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We’re seeking researchers or a research organisation to work with us on our Pride in Our Workforce initiative. Supported by Sport England’s Workforce Innovation Fund, the project will explore physical activity and sport from an LGBT+ perspective.

What is Pride in Our Workforce?

Pride in Our Workforce was one of 10 projects to receive innovation funding from Sport England‘s Workforce Innovation Fund in 2019. It aims to address the role of the workforce in supporting the LGBT+ community’s engagement and representation in physical activity and sport.

Pride in Our Workforce will combine specialist insight and an innovative “Secret Shopper” approach to explore the impact of the workforce in influencing and supporting participation.

We’ll delve into motivations and barriers to participation and explore challenges faced by coaches and volunteers who identify as LGBT+. We’ll also address the training needs of the wider workforce to ensure individuals feel confident and appropriately skilled to support participants from this community.

Request for proposals

We’re looking for a researcher or research organisation to work with us to deliver the insight element of this project. The LGBT+ research will focus on:

  • The role the workforce plays in the LGBT+ community accessing physical activity and sport
  • How the workforce affects and influences their experience as a participant
  • How the actual and perceived barriers to participation can be identified and overcome by a workforce which has the skills, competencies and behaviours needed to engage the LGBT+ community, to increase participation in high-quality physical activity experiences
  • Whether the current workforce is representative of our local population and, if not, how we can increase the number of people from the LGBT+ community within the workforce

Within the chosen methodology we are keen for members of the LGBT+ community to have the opportunity and to feel confident and empowered to contribute honestly and openly.

For full details, please download the Pride in Our Workforce – Research Brief.

How to apply

We will be accepting proposals up until 5pm on Sunday 7th July. The successful applicant will be notified no later than Monday 15th July 2019.

To apply, please send a proposal to in a format of your choice. If you have any questions, please get in touch with El.


For more information
El Taylor-Jenks
Project Officer - Workforce
Call 01962 676380
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