Hampshire and Isle of Wight Physical Activity Strategy 2017-21

1st June 2018
Written by
Energise Me

Girl doing Taekwondo

After a period of consultation, Energise Me is delighted to launch the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Physical Activity Strategy 2017-21.

The Strategy provides a framework for all organisations involved in the development and co-ordination of physical activity and sport across Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton. It was developed in collaboration with Public Health teams from those areas. Feedback from nearly 100 partners has shaped the final version.

Through the Strategy, we aim to:

  • Accelerate the reduction of inactivity amongst adults
  • Reverse the rising trend of inactivity amongst females
  • Narrow the gap in levels of inactivity between those adults with (or at risk of) a long-term health condition and those without
  • Improve levels of physical activity amongst children and young people

The implementation of the Strategy is the collective responsibility of all partners. It will be a team effort to achieve it.

Would you like to build a happier, healthier and stronger community?

Join us; together we can kick inactivity into touch!

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