Activity Design for Vulnerable Young People

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5th September 2018
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Recent research revealed that vulnerable 14-19-year-olds don’t feel like physical activities in our area are ‘for them’. Working with The Behavioural Architects, we designed this guide to spark change and create activities that are.

We commissioned The Behavioural Architects to help us understand the views of vulnerable 14-19-year-olds in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. We set out to learn how they feel about physical activity. We were curious about what motivates them to do things and what stops them.

When it comes to physical activity, it turns out there are all kinds of barriers preventing teenagers from being more active.

The research painted a vivid picture of the lives of vulnerable young people (discover more in Understanding Vulnerable 14-19-year-olds). We wanted to turn that into something practical that would spark change and prompt action.

The Behavioural Architects used their research to create 4 guiding principles, which sit at the heart of this guide. They are the essential building blocks of an activity. We can use them to review existing activities and design new ones that meet the needs of young people in our communities.

Activity Design for Vulnerable Young People

Dive into Activity Design for Vulnerable Young People

If you want to design activities for this audience, get in touch with Penny. Let’s work together to get teenagers more active.




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