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20th March 2017
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Energise Me


Following the success of the Energise Me Satellite Clubs initiative we’re proud to announce the launch of our pilot scheme for Safeguarding: Check and Challenge.

The feedback we received from all of our clubs was that they needed more support to help them understand and make sense of the evolving legislation around safeguarding.

What did we do?


  • We ran three workshops in Portsmouth, Farnborough and Winchester.
  • We put on an additional workshop in Totton because our first three were oversubscribed.
  • We opened the doors to clubs, facility providers, schools, councillors, coaches – anyone with an interest in keeping young people and vulnerable adults safe.
  • We ran activities and held discussions that grew people’s understanding of best practice and how to be proactive in managing safety.
  • We developed our Check and Challenge toolkit.

So what now?

Check and Challenge

Because we were overwhelmed by the interest and demand to fill the Safeguarding gap, we’ve produced our Check and Challenge toolkit to help clubs, coaches, schools and organisations get the most out of their knowledge and understanding since the workshops. We also hope it encourages conversations between facility providers and clubs and organisations delivering activities.

The toolkit contains help in all sorts of areas including:

  • Recruiting volunteers & coaches
  • First Aid policies & procedures
  • Insurance
  • Code of conduct
  • Data storage
  • Behaviour management
  • Parental responsibilities

And lots more.

A combination of checklists and handy notes, the toolkit acts as a point of reference for anyone needing support with their Safeguarding and provides invaluable help and advice that we realised was missing.

Check and Challenge is currently in its pilot phase, and is expected to be rolled out across Hampshire in May. If you would like to be involved in the pilot, attend a workshop or are interested in receiving a toolkit following the pilot phase, then email us to find out how to get involved.

Quote from the events.

“We’re really pleased that all the discussion and knowledge sharing has provided us with some solid outcomes – we can make revisions to our toolkit based on feedback from users, and we’re also looking to the future by planning and creating a range of bespoke workshops for education providers and parents.”  Priya Samuel, Energise Me Satellite Clubs Development Manager.

“I’ve been very encouraged by the attendance at the forums and it’s generated a lot of interesting discussion. We’ve explored a range of issues and covered some of the ‘greyer’ areas including the crossover of responsibilities between partners. Doing this gives everyone the chance to be confident and clear on what they need to do when it comes to protecting children and young people in sport.” Sarah Taylor, Energise Me Safeguarding Champion.

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