Basingstoke Taekwondo star joins GB development programme

Hayden Corby
9th October 2017
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Bluewave Korean Martial Arts member Hayden (Hayd) Corby has been selected to join the GB Taekwondo Academy Fighting Chance 13-18 Development Programme.

The Development Programme is for young Taekwondo athletes who have the potential to be part of the Olympics squad for 2024 and 2028. Athletes who are successful in the programme are expected to move into full-time training with the GB Academy at 16 or 18.

Hayd started his martial arts journey in Kickboxing, adding Taekwondo only two years ago when he joined Bluewave. His progress in Taekwondo tournaments since then has been exceptional, with eight consecutive tournament victories. This performance brought him to the attention of the GB Coaches and he was invited to try out for the programme, despite being relatively new to Taekwondo.

Stage One of the selection took place in Manchester on the 12th August. Hayd showed his competition potential and was invited to the Stage Two selection at the GB National Taekwondo Centre on the weekend of the 2nd/3rd September. Stage Two consisted of a demanding bootcamp to further assess potential, ensure coachability and check that the athletes could cope with the level of training that they might eventually undertake as full-time Taekwondo athletes.

On the 16th/17th September Hayd then competed at the British Taekwondo National Championship, winning another gold medal. Finally on the 19th September the club received confirmation of Hayd’s selection and the start of his path as a GB Athlete hopefully to Paris 2024 or LA 2028.

The next stage in the journey started on the 30th September with Hayd’s first training weekend at the GB National Taekwondo Centre in Manchester. Over the next two years he will spend alternate weekends with the academy as well as continuing his development with Bluewave.

Lynne Firth from Bluewave Korean Martial Arts said:

“This is a proud moment for Hayd, his family and for all at Bluewave Korean Martial Arts. We hope that it will be an inspiration to the next generation coming through our younger age groups.”

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