An update on the Hampshire Institute of Sport (HIS)

12th April 2018
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Energise Me

Joint venture through the Hampshire Institute of Sport (HIS) provides valuable experience for Hampshire students and future Commonwealth athletes.

The exciting new HIS pilot is well underway, since launching in February. The pilot has been made available to 16 Hampshire Talented Athletes and 9 University of Winchester students. It focuses on three sports: Badminton, Diving, and Swimming. Many current and former HTAS athletes are currently competing at the Commonwealth Games 2018. Schemes such as HIS provide the support that athletes need to reach the world stage.

This exciting new project is a collaboration between Energise Me, Hampshire County Council and the University of Winchester. The one-to-one sport science support has never been offered to Hampshire athletes before. It will provide insight into how their bodies react during different training zones, to help develop technique and fine tune their performance.

Most athletes would be much older before receiving this support and further along the talent pathway. The athletes chosen for this pilot are between the ages of 13-17 and at the beginning of their journey to the world stage. The pilot’s main aim is to provide athletes and coaches with personalised sport science support to help improve performance and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Poppy Morley, a parent of one of the athletes said:

“The Hampshire Institute of Sport pilot has got off to a great start for my daughter. The lactate testing session has given her so much more information about her thresholds and how to train to improve this, plus also how to manage her racing schedule at swim meets. This information will undoubtedly shape her training and performance in years to come.”

The pilot also provides an opportunity for the University. Students from the department of Sport, Exercise and Health have been a part of the testing and analysis stage. Students are fully involved with conducting the physiological and biomechanical tests under the supervision of lecturers.

Ellie Gennings, a MSc student from University of Winchester said:

“It is giving me valuable experience and building my confidence.  It’s a chance to put the skills I learn at university into practice to help some real athletes. I hope to help the athletes improve their performance, gain some valuable experience that will look great on my CV and grow my confidence as a sport scientist within the work place.”

The blood lactate testing is very useful for determining training zones and working out an effective recovery. Students have also organised a range of fitness and agility tests. Video analysis is being used during these tests to view performance and correct technique.

Ed Tasker, Senior Physiology Laboratory Technician from University of Winchester said:

“The collaboration with Energise Me on the Hampshire Institute of Sport project provides our students with valuable practical experience, working with athletes in the Hampshire area. This compliments their learning experience at the University, and gives them an opportunity to apply the concepts they learn in the classroom to an applied setting.”

The pilot will have a great impact on learning for both the students and athletes. These real-life testing scenarios will develop transferable skills that can be used in their future careers. Testing will continue until the Summer. For more information on the Hampshire Talented Athletes Scheme (HTAS) click here.

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