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Me, My Trainers and Determination

Published: 8 March 2023

After worrying about a fitness test at work, Amy decided to take matters into her own hands. So, she decided to start running. It wasn’t an easy journey, but with a bit of self-belief she now thinks: ‘bring it on!’

Country Walking – A Life-long Love

Published: 1 March 2023

Throughout her life, Emma has immersed herself in nature by walking. It is a love that she has since passed on to her children. Now, she hopes to encourage others to put on their walking boots.

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Published: 22 February 2023

It doesn’t need to look perfect, it just needs to feel good. Julie shares details of her love of dancing despite her two left feet.

Finding Freedom on Two Wheels

Published: 31 January 2023

Recently named as one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling, Anne shares her journey with us. From little activity to active travel, she now hopes to help others gain the confidence to cycle every day.

Open to Doing Things Differently

Published: 25 January 2023

We continuously talk about providing our young people with a positive early experience in sport and physical activity, but what is it and what does it look like? Sharon shares what she's learnt being an U12s hockey coach.

The Time Is Now

Published: 18 January 2023

After A Personal Story was bravely shared by one of our residents, Safeguarding lead for Energise Me, Sophie, felt compelled to respond. 

Staying Active As A Family

Published: 12 December 2022

For some, being physically active can be a daunting experience. But when you’ve got your family beside you, activity can help to build your relationships while improving your health.

Trying New Things At Energise Me

Published: 24 November 2022

Working at Energise Me, Emma has had the opportunity to try over 40 different types of activity. Here are a few of her favourites, and some of the things she’s learnt along the way.

Pilates At The Gurdwara

Published: 10 November 2022

For many Asian women, language is a barrier to physical activity. One Gurdwara in Southampton has found a way to overcome that. Ensuring that every local lady has the opportunity to look after their health.

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