Getting Active at Home

Women getting active at home by Hula hooping

Lockdown has pushed us to adapt our exercise habits. It may feel difficult to stay active. But physical activity can help manage stress and improve our physical health.

On the 20th March 2020, the government ordered gyms and leisure facilities to close in an attempt to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus.

So as we’re encouraged to social distance, here’s a handy list of ideas and advice for getting active at home.

Getting active at home

  • Movement Around the Home – This Girl Can has created a video detailing tips on adding activity to your home routine.
  • 10 Minute workouts – The NHS has a whole host of short workouts, which don’t require much room or equipment.

For little ones

  • Disney Shake Up Games – Change4Life has teamed up with Disney to create 10 minute bursts of fun to get your kids moving. Access Toy Story, The Lion King, The Incredibles and Frozen games for free on their website.
  • Disney Dance alongs – This Girl Can created free Disney Dance along videos. These can be found at the bottom of the page.

For school age children

  • iMoves  – iMoves is a free online platform, which is rolling out 2-minute, 10-minute and longer activities that parents can use in the home. Check daily for new activities.
  • Go Noodle – Go Noodle is a free online tool offering everything from dance parties to yoga sessions to get children up, moving and having fun.
  • The Body Coach TV – Access a whole playlist of kids’ workouts for free on YouTube.
  • My Journey – Download activity fliers and discover ideas for indoor and outdoor learning and activity.
  • Find more resources for getting active with children on our Schools’ Active Home page.

If you’re older

  • Sitting Exercises – The NHS has a great step by step guide to doing a sitting down exercise routine. The routine is the perfect way to gently get active at home.
  • Cuppa Routine – Move it or Lose it UK has a Cuppa Routine, which can be done in the time it takes to boil a kettle.
  • Walking – Walking is a great way to gently get active and enjoy some fresh air. (Check Government advice on social distancing)
  • Find more resources to help older adults get active at home here.

If you have a health condition

  • Stay Active, Stay Well – Video’s by the BLF that give you everything you need to start exercising. Designed for people living with long term health conditions.
  • 10 Minute workout – BHF Physical Activity Specialist Lisa demonstrates a 10 minute workout you can do in your living room.
  • Chair Based Exercises – The BHF give a step by step guide to exercises that can be done sat down.
  • You can find more exercises suitable for specific health conditions here.


“I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book | This Girl Can, with Sofia and Cat

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"Break This Down” from Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants 3 | This Girl Can

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