Get Active at Work

A quick walk? A lunchtime yoga class? Zorbing with your colleagues? There are lots of ways that you can bring work and fitness together. It can be hard to fit exercise into a busy working week. We’re here to provide advice on what you can do to make ‘working out’ at work that little bit easier.

One of the reasons we encourage you to get active at work is the benefit that it brings. We all know that exercise improves health overall in our lives. In work context, it can reduce stress, boost your immune system (to fight off those office bugs) and also help raise your confidence, motivation and productivity.

There are plenty of ways you and your team can get active, have a break and see great results. Here are just some of our suggestions.

  • Map a lunchtime route for a quick jog or bike ride. You won’t have to drag yourself out into dark mornings and evenings, plus the fresh air gives you a boost and prevents afternoon slumps.
  • On the days when you can’t leave your office, try stretches at your desk, walking to see someone in a different building or taking the stairs instead of a lift.
  • Keep up-to-date with work social media groups – there are often instructors that come into a workplace to help with wellbeing whether that’s a weekly yoga session or martial arts classes.
  • Getting to work is all part of it – by walking or riding a bike on alternate days or even weeks, you’ll be going a long way to improving your fitness.
  • If your department is organising some team-building days then why not suggest a physical activity element – even more of an excuse to enjoy that pub meal as a treat afterwards!
  • Become a Tech Explorer! We’re on the lookout for ‘Tech Explorers’ so we can discover the apps that help people create regular physical activity habits. Being active offers employees a chance to return to their desks feeling refreshed for the remainder of the day. With options for individuals or teams, read more here to find out how you can involved.
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