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We’re passionate about supporting initiatives that encourage young people to not only get active, but help them find the activity thats perfect for them and want to continue with. Sportivate provides funding to help organisations run fun and inspiring sessions that appeal to a wider, diverse community of young people. Funded by the National Lottery and launched through Sport England, Sportivate has been a key project in helping young people aged 11-25 access sport and get involved on a weekly basis.

Over the past five years, we’ve seen participation in Hampshire increase through Sportivate – around 22,000 young people have been involved in Sportivate activities and 17,000 have continued in their sport attending regular sessions. We want to continue this success and try to be as flexible as possible by offering organisations the chance to apply throughout the year on a rolling monthly basis.

We aren’t able to accept retrospective applications so we do ask that you submit your application two months before your start date so that we have plenty of time to review it.

How to apply

We’ve provided information and guidelines on how to complete your application and what we’re looking for – check out the useful links and downloads sections for all our resources. We’d also suggest reading through Sport England’s Youth Personalities research. This will give great insight into the attitudes of young people that aren’t involved in sport and help you to design a project that appeals to young people and keeps them coming back.

With that in mind, here are some key areas you’ll need to include when you design your sessions:

  • Aim at those aged 11-25 who aren’t currently active in their leisure time – we usually view this as anyone who doesn’t do around 30 minutes activity at least once a week.
  • We want to support as many sports as possible as we value diversity, however applications must show there is demand for that sport in that area and that it’s meeting the needs and interests of young people.
  • It’s important that young people have a clear pathway into the sport once the 6-8 week introductory sessions are finished. This makes sure there is somewhere they can continue that sport easily and that they’ll have the support they need in order to do that.
  • Sportivate helps you to offer subsidised sessions so that a young person’s first experience of your sport is as accessible as possible.
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