Duty to Care Toolkit and Digital Badge

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The Duty to Care Toolkit is a series of Knowledge Checks and coach learning resources set across the five distinct pillars that represent the Duty to Care ethos: Safeguarding, Inclusion, Diversity, Well-being and Mental Health.

A great activity goes beyond just the technical and tactical elements that make up the playing of a sport. It’s about the person-centred experience, a relationship that is positive, motivational, caring and rewarding.

UK Coaching have created there duty to care toolkit and digital badge to help equip providers with the knowledge and skills to provide great physical activity experiences for others.

Complete the five Knowledge Checks and collect the five pieces of learning for each pillar to demonstrate your thorough knowledge of the principles of Duty to Care and earn our nationally-recognised Digital Badge.

The five pillars include:

  • Safeguarding
  • Diversity
  • Inclusion
  • Mental Health
  • Well-being

There are workshops, online courses and essential resources covering the five pillars of Duty to Care. You can also register for each of the five free Knowledge Checks.

Why earn the badge?

It can work as:

  • an indication of your commitment to great coaching
  • proof that you have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the principles of Duty to Care
  • evidence of your continuing professional development.

Find out more information on UK Coaching’s website.

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