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Coaching others to coach

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Are you responsible for helping coaches to learn and develop? Do you consider yourself to be a coach developer, a coach educator, a mentor, a tutor or somebody else who just wants to support coaches and enable them to become the best they can be?

This course is designed to support people like you. It is a course dedicated to developing the people who develop the coaches. It is particularly intended to support people who are just beginning to support coaches or those who want to develop their expertise in the role further.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the impact coach developers can have on coach learning and development
  • appreciate the skills, knowledge and personal qualities that effective coach developers possess
  • describe appropriate concepts and theories that explain the process of becoming a better coach
  • reflect on and question personal current practices as a coach developer and how these practices can be improved
  • consider how coach learning and development may evolve in the future and the implications this might have for coach developers.

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