Beginning To Understand Autistic People

Date: 15th November   Location: Online   Cost: £0

Join us to explore some of the assumptions around autism and aspects of the autistic experience to help you better support autistic people.

This training is aimed at anyone who might work with, or alongside autistic people.

The course has been devised and is delivered by an autistic trainer. It draws on the work of autistic authors, activists, and academics. This brings an altogether different perspective to the subject which we know will help us develop our understanding further.

Workshop Content:

• A redefinition of what it is to be autistic in the context of the wider concept of neurodiversity

• A re-examination of some common assumptions concerning the prevalence of autistic people, gender and how this might affect rates of diagnosis, and the nature of ‘the spectrum’

• An exploration of some key aspects of the autistic experience and suggestions as to how differences can be accommodated in everyday situations

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