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Woman coaching, as targeted through new diversity fund

Supporting women into coaching – Project500

Project 500 is all about supporting women to be better coaches whether they are just starting on their coaching journey or already delivering great sessions across the seven South East CSP’s. We know that female coaches are crucial to help the development of athletes at all levels, and have a powerful influence when it comes to encouraging more women into sport.  There are so many natural leaders and advocates already working in coaching – we want to move that to the next level to support and train female coaches across all disciplines.

We provide support to the project in many ways already – specific Project500 bursaries, hosting workshops, networking events and the Coaches newsletter. The networking opportunities, whether informal or formal helps build the workforce and provides valuable information to deliver better coaching. We want to celebrate female coaches so get in touch, share your stories, photos, videos and news.

We want to keep moving forward, and we’d love for you to join us, call the number below to join Project 500 in Hampshire and sign up to our Coaches newsletter to never miss out on news from Energise Coaches.

Disability Coaching Network (DCN)

Through the Disability Coaching Network we can provide support and raise awareness for both disabled and non-disabled coaches working in inclusive sport. We want to help break down barriers, making it easier to recruit coaches into inclusive sport, providing effective role models for the future.

We work closely with National Governing Bodies to identify the best coaches and mentors to support those working in inclusive sport. By bringing together like minded volunteers and professionals to share, ideas and resources then we are able to really able to provide practical insight that helps coaches thrive and inspire – there are lots of courses and workshops throughout the year and we also have four fantastic county mentors who are experts in their field and can provide a range of support.

Sign up to the Disability Coaching Network or contact us to get involved.

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