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We’re committed to helping clubs and organisations develop – whether that’s through information, support or training. By working alongside us, you’ll ensure a strong workforce, both coaches and volunteers, who are engaged with strong plans for the future.

Plan ahead

A good first step to take is writing a clear development plan for your club that not just focuses on reaching your aims and objectives, but creates a shared vision that everyone can work to. We know that it’s a lot to take on and we’re here to help support you through the process – we can lend our expertise to help you create an effective plan or put you in touch with your relevant Sports Development Officer who can help. It doesn’t have to be complex – we would suggest focusing on four main areas:

Where are you now?

This is about anything that makes your club what it is today – whether that’s people, equipment, finance or facilities.

Where would you like to be?

This is the good bit – it’s where you set out your vision for the club and aspirations for the future.

How you’ll get there

Planning ahead can be daunting but breaking down goals into short, mid and long term always makes it easier to keep you on track.

How you’ll keep going

It’s always great when you achieve your plans and we want you to keep it that way, so it’s good to include some thought on how you might review your plan and take advantage of new opportunities as and when they arise.

Train to gain

One of the best ways to help your Club is through your own personal development. We run Club Development Forums along with Club Matters and other partners to help you make the most of the latest training and CPD opportunities. You can visit our Workshops & Courses page to see what’s happening in your area.

Sported have lots of resources on offer in addition to professional expertise and operational support to help members (community sport and youth groups) grow their capacity and improve their sustainability.

Without volunteers, a lot of clubs would struggle to function. We understand how important it is to recruit, train and keep them so we’ve got plenty of information on how to work with volunteers on our volunteering pages.


We’re always raising awareness of funding options for Clubs and one of the most important is the Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) scheme. By distinguishing Clubs from other businesses, Clubs can be eligible for tax and rate relief, as well as Gift Aid from donations.

Most not-for-profit clubs with a sport recognised by Sport England can apply. We’d definitely recommend it, as it means that money can be kept by your Club to allow for you to continue vital work within your community.


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