Holly Mills


Holly is indoor and outdoor National Long Jump and Hurdles Champion.

What are your targets for 2017 and beyond?

My targets for 2017 are to be top of the UK rankings in Long Jump, and to be ranked in the top 10 in the UK for hurdles. My biggest aim is to get selected for the Commonwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas and represent Team England in the Long Jump and Hurdles. I am most looking forward to the Commonwealth Youth Games, but also the European Club Cup Championships in the Czech Republic in September this year.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your sport? How did you overcome it?

My biggest Challenge is having to adapt to developing sport induced asthma. After finding out that I had sport induced asthma a few years ago it was difficult to adapt to not being able to breathe very well during harder training sessions. I overcame it by starting with smaller workloads when it was the more intense sessions and building them up so I could learn to deal with having asthma. I now am able to cope with doing all of the hard sessions

What is your favourite sporting moment, either as a participant of spectator and why?

My favourite sporting moment would be when I became European Youth Long Jump Champion In Tbilisi last July. This was my favourite sporting moment because I had been working towards that one competition for so long and for all of the hard work to pay off and claim the gold medal in a very close and intense competition was the best feeling.

What are your top tips for aspiring athletes?

You have got to love what you do. Learn from everything you do in your sport, whether its success or failure. And make sure to enjoy the whole experience and make lifelong friends from it.

Who is your sporting hero and why do they inspire you?

My parents have influenced my success the most because without them I wouldn’t have achieved half the success that I have done. They keep me organised, buy all the correct equipment, kit, food etc that I need as well as take me wherever I need to go, whether it be to training, the gym, physio, and competitions all over the country (and world). They are the most supportive people and have always been there from the very start of my athletics career. They come to all of my competitions and always motivate me at them. I definitely couldn’t do athletics without my family.

How has the Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme helped you with your sport?

HTAS has really helped me because it has enabled me to get free access to my leisure centre when I can use the gym to do extra training which has really benefited me. The scheme also financially supported me through a free bus pass which was a massive help to me and my family as it helped my parents financially as well as helped me to commute to where I needed to be regarding training, the gym and college.

Which 3 words best describe you?

Determined, competitive, hard working.

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