Hannah Smith


Hannah finished both Summer and Winter season ranked as UK number 1

What are your targets for 2017 and beyond?

My targets for 2017 is to qualify for the Orange Bowl Tournament in Florida.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your sport? How did you overcome it?

Winning the 12 and under national tour finals whilst still at the lower end of the age group category, against girls a full school year ahead of me.

What is your favourite sporting moment, either as a participant of spectator and why?

Winning the Tennis Europe Doubles Tournaments in Auray France, Halton UK and Paris and Singles events.  Great feeling to win european events.

As an 10 year old sitting on Henman Hill and watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon for the first time.

What are your top tips for aspiring athletes?

Enjoy your sport and have fun, this gets the best from you.

Who is your sporting hero and why do they inspire you?

Roger Federer, he is the most graceful of all tennis players, he makes the game look effortless whilst at the same time demonstrating touches of genius.  He is a role model to others and I would like to emulate this, already younger children look up to me, and I see that I am able to influence their enthusiasm in tennis, like Roger I would like to continue this through my tennis development

Steffi Graf, her style of tennis was ahead of her time, my style of tennis reflects certain elements of her game such as her attacking forehand, slice backhand and athletic movement.  She was a very influential female in the sport and brought women tennis up to the level equivalent to the mens game during her era.

Who has most influenced your success and how have they done so?

My mum. She introduced me to tennis, she has supported me in almost every event I have played travelling not only around the UK but across Europe. She very strong minded which has taught me never to give up on anything you want, and the harder you try the more chance of success you will have

Which 3 words best describe you?

Honest, determined, hardworking.

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