Daniel Reynaldo

Disability Cricket

Daniel Reynaldo became world champions in 2015 in Bangladesh, which was the inaugural Red Cross International T20 Tournament for people with Physical Disabilities.

He was also selected to tour Dubai to play in the ICC Academy Dubai Invitational T20 tournament against Pakistan and Bangladesh and reached the final against Pakistan held in the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

How did you get in to your sport? How were you introduced?

I was first exposed to cricket by my primary school head teacher who was cricket mad.  After that my Grandad took me along to a number of summer camps and coaching sessions and I have been playing ever since.

Who is your sporting hero – and why do they inspire you?

Graeme Swann & Shane Warne, both world class spin-bowlers.

Who has most influenced your success – and why how have they done so?

All of the coaches at club, county and national level who have spent their time helping to develop my game.


What are your top tips for aspiring athletes?

Train hard and with purpose.  Always remember to have fun, that’s why you started!

Who is your sporting hero and why do they inspire you?

Jonny Wilkinson – really enjoyed watching Building Jerusalem documentary and finding out about how he grew up and how dedicated he was..

How has the Hampshire Talented Athlete Scheme helped you with your sport?

HTAS has provided me with access to high class facilities in my local area to help develop not only cricket skills but overall fitness.

Which 3 words best describe you?

Competitive, self-motivated and hardworking.

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