Georgia Felton

Georgia Felton, Marketing and Communications Officer

A digital marketing and analytics master, Georgia populates and fine-tunes our digital channels.

Georgia joined us in 2020 with a Masters in Digital Marketing and Analytics. Passionate about creative marketing, Georgia has helped several non-profits craft innovative marketing campaigns.

She now keeps our website and social media alive. So feel free to say hi when you’re chatting to us online.

After struggling to keep up sports she loved as a child, Georgia finds quirky ways to get active. She’s a dancing queen in the kitchen while cooking healthy meals. And she always counts her steps whilst commuting to work. Having found a love for home workouts during lockdown, she is smashing her active minutes!

Georgia also loves reading, camping, going for walks and being creative in any way.

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Posts by Georgia

Georgia celebrating completing 27 miles after over coming her running anxiety.

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Georgia Felton

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