Sports Equity

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Sport plays a huge role promoting the inclusion of everyone in our society. We know that inequalities have traditionally existed within sport, particularly when it comes to gender, race and disability, and that’s why Energise Me is committed to making sure that opportunities exist amongst minority groups.

You can find out more from our Equality Statement (you can download a copy to the left) as well as Sport England’s Equality Standard.

Women and Girls’ Sport

We know that there are barriers which prevent women and girls participating in sport and physical activity so we wholeheartedly throw ourselves behind initiatives that look to encourage women’s participation. We’ve been involved in women-only coach education courses, Return to Sport courses for women who want to come back to, or start taking part in sport, helping to establish sport-specific officers for women’s sports, as well as using positive role models on our publicity.

There are a number of organisations that can help support and develop women’s sport. Take a look at the links below to find out how they can help you or simply ask us if you need more information.

You can also download the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation’s toolkit below which provides practical information on setting up, launching and marketing offers to different female audiences.

Black and Ethnic Minorities

Energise Me is committed to addressing the barriers for people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Sporting Equals is a national initiative working to promote racial equality in sport throughout England. It is a partnership between Sport England and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.


Energise Me is committed to promoting sport and physical activity to people of all ages. Age UK’s Fit as a Fiddle programme supports people aged over 50 with physical activity, healthy eating and mental well-being.

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