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What you need to know – Satellite Clubs

What is a Satellite Club?

Funded by Sport England, the Satellite Clubs initiative opens up sport to young people in the wider community by combining great community/education facilities with the skills and passion of local sports clubs  (which we refer to as Hub Clubs). They act as an extension to a hub club and allow them to diversify their offering – a bit like an express version of your favourite store.

We’ve met our target to ensure every Secondary School and College has been offered a Satellite Club. As a result, we are extending our delivery to community facilities, charities and club development support for community sports clubs.

What does a Satellite Club look like?

  • Hosted at a secondary school, college or community facility near to the hub club
  • Open to everyone aged 14-25 in the wider community
  • Held at a time which is convenient for young people to access and also delivered regularly
  • Run by community sports hub club coaches and volunteers.

These clubs don’t replace after school clubs – they’re here to encourage all young people into sport and activity beyond school, making the transition from school sport to club sport as seamless as possible. Think of them as providing a stepping stone to help every young person find their place and create a lifelong connection to their sport.

Satellite Clubs are also great for providing support for clubs in a flexible way – they can help in areas where there is high demand, offer more diverse sports or engage at all  levels; from inclusive sport to specific sessions for different age and gender groups.

What do I need to do to apply?

Satellite Clubs cover a diverse range of sports, so as long as your sport is recognised by Sport England then you should be good to go – check the Sport England website for full details.

We have access to funding at a local level from Sport England and it’s based on the needs of the club rather than just a set amount – the key is that funding might be short term, but it creates a club that can sustain itself and continue to inspire for years to come.

If you’re thinking of setting up a club, we’d love to hear from you!

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