Workplace Challenge

Get active, have fun, see results.

If you find it hard to fit in exercise around your job, then Workplace Challenge is the perfect place to start. It’s a national initiative designed by Sport England that we look after at a local level to help inspire you and your workmates to take part in sport and activity throughout your working week.


Active Lunch 8 week challenge

On way to be active at work is our ‘Active Lunch Challenge’ which started on 4 January and we want more people to introduce ten minute ‘bite size’ chunks of activity in and around their working day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can read more about the eight week campaign here and how to get involved.

All you need to do is sign up, log in and record your activity to earn points – it’s all about challenging yourself and tracking your progress whatever you might be doing (and yes those epic table tennis sessions do count!).

A bit of healthy competition is great for boosting morale, and building connections across your teams. You can set up a workplace leaderboard and battle it out for the top spot, get involved in inter-workplace competitions or take part in some of the fun tournaments we organise throughout the year – with great support from some expert coaches.

Why do it?

We’re all used to hearing about the dangers associated with sitting for too long and there’s no doubt that being happier and healthier has a positive impact on your working life. Physical activity not only helps to reduce stress and boosts your immune system, but also helps with confidence and productivity levels.

Workplace Challenge is mainly about the good it can do for you but it does, of course, help out your employer too. Happier teams are more creative, motivated and less likely to have high sickness absence. Getting involved in Workplace Challenge can help to create a better working atmosphere where wellbeing is valued and staff at all levels can work towards shared goals.

We’re here to help and we can even design you a bespoke challenge that works for your business.

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